Get paid early and managing bills and payments

Get paid early is great but as my budgeting setting are set to 28th which is pay day, if i use get paid early it messes with the details because it only 4pm it does not give you accurate info. for example i want it to show that even though i got pay early on the 27th the income still shows that i got the money on the 28th so when i look at my overviews because i got paid early it does not show it right as it went in a day early you might say well change it to 27th which i don’t wanna do because it will include everything before 4pm also. Would be nice if this was a little more smarter when using get paid early - not sure i have articulated this very well.

also on the topic of get paid early it would be good it you got a prompt to say would you like to initiate your scheduled payment s early also.

You’ve articulated well, you answered your own question by setting the reset date 27th or working day prior etc.

To resolve it you’d just not use paid early as you don’t want to include the spending up until 4pm.

The alt is to choose a time it resets but I’m sure that’s never gonna happen.