Did anyone watch the revived version of this classic show :thinking:

I’ve just finished watching the 1st episode, was good to be fair.

I didn’t know it had started yet!

Will watch tonight

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I didn’t even know it was making a comeback, just saw an article about it and was like what, no way.

I used to love the original. Watched some on YouTube with the kids but they didn’t enjoy them at all


Not seen it but used to watch the original version.

I don’t think I can watch it; the original Gamesmaster was such an important programme to me growing up that I fear it would price impossible for me to judge the new version on its own merits.

Also I probably wouldn’t understand the modern games they feature on it now, not having bought a new console since the Xbox 360 :sweat_smile:

You’d understand, they had Mario and Mortal Combat on this one, then some others :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: