Gambling Block should be available to everyone πŸ”’

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Thought I’d make sure that our current Twitter post is highlighted here as well.

It includes the steps that can be followed to support this call to action.


Ok, hands up, who else thought this thread was locked? β€œWhy would they lock it with only one post?”

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Great initiative!



Is there a list of banks that do / don’t provide a gambling block?


If not, I’m sure people could very easily help to create one.

According to this blog & this website:

Bank Gambling Block? Cooldown Period Limitations
Bank of Scotland Y 2-3 days
Barclays Y 3 days
Halifax Y 2-3 days
HSBC Y 3 days
Lloyds Y 2-3 days
MNBA Y 2 days
Monzo Y 2 days
NatWest Y 40 hrs
RBS Y 40 hrs
Santander Y 0 days Mastercard only
Starling Y 2 days

The Santander gambling block is only for the new Mastercard. Anyone know why it can’t be implemented on their Visa cards? Would it just be too costly for a card they are moving away from?

I’ve saved a lot due to this feature.
I started gambling when I was just 19 due to depression over a relationship and it started small until I had a win then I thought it was a nice way to make money, but I was wrong…
By the age of 20 I had lost around a thousand pounds and I was doing stupid stuff because of this every bit of money I had left I would gamble thinking it’ll win it all back getting even more depressed than I started.

I then realised and had a nice chat where I applied the gambling block, at first I felt tempted to remove it which I did but after the cool down I didn’t feel like doing it as it was a in the moment thing so I put it back on and I’m now 21 and have full self control and I’ve been saving for a house deposit and it’s been mounting up!

I do tend to have feelings at seeing so many ads and I have broken my gamble free but thanks to the block it made me realise and have fully self control.

Gambling is a devils game. It can easily take over and destroy lifes.

I believe that all banks should have this feature and they should also ban adverts for it especially on channels that are aimed at a young audience - I also feel (not many might agree) that they should make it so you have to be a higher age such as 21-25 to gamble!


Well done on getting through it!

If you don’t mind me asking, did you have other accounts or other ways to gamble?

Or was the gambling block enough of a hurdle that it stopped you completely?

Thank you
I did have another account at the time as I was new to monzo in 2019 however once I moved to full monzo it became difficult for me but i learnt a way to bypass it by depositing to PayPal then using it that way ( you’ll soon find a way to do anything when you have an addiction )
However a friendly chat with the PayPal team made it impossible for me to deposit to PayPal therefore I can just use PayPal as normal which will trigger the gambling block which is great!
So in a way I’ll say the gambling block played a major part.

You also have to be dedicated / wanting to stop however theirs a company similar to gamstop but for landbased gambling and it bans you from every local casino and bookies, I can’t remember the name but if you use that along with Monzo gambling block and even gamstop the cravings will soon fade away until you forget about wanting to get a quick win but a major loss in the long term