Future dating change of address

Perhaps this is a reallllly nit-picky suggestion - but moving home can be a really stressful time. Often the last thing anyone wants to do is, on the day of the move, call up 100 different service providers (banks, the gym, work, the doctor etc…) and let them know the new address.

I can see in the Monzo App that it’s really easy to change address - but it would be an amazing little delight if we could update the address at a set date in the (near?) future.

My partner and son and I will be moving in a few weeks so I’m feeling the strain :slightly_smiling_face:

Set it once, and forget about it - what do you think?



My partner and I have just moved too :tada: and have gradually worked through our “change of address” list as and when we got five minutes. We didn’t stress about doing it the day of the move. Just take care of your meter readings, furniture and belongings and the rest can wait (or be done in advance) :slight_smile:

As far as experiences go, Monzo, Starling and Tide have been by far the easiest to do, with TSB (joint account) probably being the worst.

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My work recently moved to SuccessFactors from SAP HR and you can do this on here. When I moved last October I just set it to take effect a few days after I had moved - a month before I moved as I knew my move in date :slight_smile:

My worst address change was when I was with Barclays Bank as because I moved into a new build and they didn’t have the address I had to phone them up - and took forever …

I’m a bit sad though as I enjoy doing all this - updating and changing of things!

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