Future Date Bill Budgeting - Tool - No More Surprise Bills! Lets make this happen!

In Summary

Our life is generally busy with daily family activities; however, we have adhoc bills coming in that are known but are usually a surprise when they need to be paid.

For example - My son comes home with a letter explaining that his fees for £300 are due for his Cricket lessons to be paid in 6 weeks’ time. The note gets left on fridge and forgotten, 6 weeks later we get a gentle reminder that the fee needs to be paid in full. There are usually a few swear words/heated conversations involved and £300 is paid.

Can Monzo consider adding a budging tool that you are able to input a future date and value when a bill is due and it automatically calculates how much you need to put aside each day/week/month/year to reach the target of clearing the expected bill.

Money can automatically ( if required) start to be moved aside into a separate pot to cover the expense by the end date. The option to share a feature like this with friends/family would be even better!

This will help soooooo many people who are generally “not so good” at keeping track of multiple bills and adhoc payments. This could be tied with money coming in/out the account and give upfront warnings if the payments will cause the account will go into zero balance etc or if I can afford it until I get paid. Payment plan completion notification would also be well received ( it would also remind me to pay the bill !!).

In a Nutshell

I input an amount and end date, verify if I want the payments to be moved to a pot in small payments over the duration of the time (Special Monzo calculations happen in the backround) and I hit go and forget about it! .

The results of the analytics associated with this will only make the way we bank every day a much better experience so a win win situation!

Please vote for this!

I’m keen to hear if anyone else share the same issues as us!

Voted. I raised the same issue a while ago;

Bills pots makes this a little easier, but only for known/recurring DD’s and SO’s - adding future transactions would be a big step to a forecasting solution.

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Great idea :ok_hand:t2:

Yes to this! Voted.

Love this idea! Voted

Since this is more advanced budgeting than any bank does. Out of curiosity would you (all) pay for it?

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That thought crossed my mind too. And is almost exactly the feedback I gave.

Basic banking (Monzo As Is) = Free.
Advanced budgetting (Monzo [Product Name] To Be) = Paid?

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Awesome Idea! I’d love this feature.


Could this not be provided by simply making pots have a required by date as well as a goal amount, and then introduce the facility to both visually represent progress (i.e. return the pot progress bar, perhaps in different colours based on if you are expected to meet the goal?) and generate reminders in-app (either in the feed or via the carousel) if you’re not progressing?


This would be great. I currently just work it out using a calculator, but being built in would be handy.

Personally I wouldn’t.

It’s a great idea but at the end of the day it’s the bill amount (or remaining amount) divided by the number of paydays until it’s due, then suggest that figure in the salary sorter.

It would take seconds to impliment manaully but would be nice to have it be automatic when you set the likes of a pot goal with date.

The things I’d be willing to pay for are the things I would struggle to manage on my own.

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Love the idea also.

Don’t think it quite goes over the line for something id consider pay for considering it would take me 2 mins to do this in my budget excel sheet :man_shrugging:

There used to be a great app called Folio, which did exactly this…


I used it regularly to save up for things. You’d set the goal amount and the target date and you could choose the frequency of the direct debit - daily, weekly or monthly and it would divide up and deduct that into a ring-fenced account.

You can pretty much do this now in Monzo anyway - set a goal for your pot, lock it for the target date, divide the goal amount by the number of days/weeks/months until the target date (manually - 30 seconds max) and set up a recurring scheduled pot transfer.

Agree it would be neat if Monzo suggested the amount and frequency when you assigned a lock date and a goal amount to a pot though.

This element of it would align really nicely with the whole ‘Monzo is better with friends’ stuff as well like shared tabs, bill splitting etc.

What happened to that idea a couple of years ago about shared pots (not joint pots)

Couldn’t you just use a pot for this?

Set goal and date for locking, then just put £X.XX in per day as a schedule deposit?

However, we have no easy way to work out £X.XX on the fly, without using a calculator or brain. I’m 100% with you on the feature, but think it should be an added function of pots.

Sounds like this idea would work well with the ability to set a target date for a pot goal, whcih can be voted for here:

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