Direct debit countdown

Just an idea that popped into my head this afternoon when trying to remember how many payments I had left on my direct debits before I’m debt-free - It would be nice if there was a feature where you could manually enter how many payments are left on a direct debit before it is paid off, so as you can forecast when your monthly expenditure will reduce, and the month in which you will have consolidated all or some of your debts.

Sorry if this is poorly worded, it was literally something thought up in a few minutes this afternoon! I would appreciate others’ thoughts on this too!

surely your direct debits are an open ended payment , schedule payments / standing orders are time limited which an end date can be set when you set up a standing order

It’s a good idea and one that forms part of future forecasting, rather than historical reporting (Pulse Graph :coffin: & Summary) and current reporting (Summary)

The missing future forecasting (with predicted rolling balances) is what keeps me using YNAB in addition to Monzo. - I can see the results of how current, planned, changing and one-off expenditure(s) will affect my finances so I can make the best choices.

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I have direct debits with Creation Consumer Finance, Barclays, and Hitachi, and a few others, most of which are fixed-term credit agreements, unless I default on a payment. It would be nice for Monzo to tell me that I’m not far off having an extra £xxx disposable income a month. I appreciate that payment schedules can change, and it would be down to the user to adjust in the app for an extension or reduction in the months until paid off.


Yes, I appreciate that future forecasting is not a strong point for Monzo, but I feel a feature like what I have suggested would be a welcome addition. What is YNAB?

You Need A Budget

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I like this idea!

When you get the little “Direct Debit created” notification, it would be good if you could categorise how long.

So for something like electric or your mortgage, you could leave as on-going. But your new sofa from DFS is set at 48 months and it will remind you/tell you you’ve got more left over next month.


Yes, exactly! That’s what I was trying to say in my post, but it’s been a long day :joy::+1: