Future Card Delivery Times & Details On Card

To be honest having the our names on the card should in no way slow the delivery times down, if MetroBank can print you a new card in 5-10 minutes so can Monzo.

Not sure what they use (Thought it was HP) but anyway this is close enough.


Here’s the difference between Monzo’s office & a Metro Bank branch though :grimacing:

Messages are in reverse order - read from the bottom :arrow_heading_up:


If you’re interested in reading more about how these cards are produced & authentication technology that’s used in cards, it’s explained in painstaking detail (although Daniel would probably consider it light reading) here.


Well that’s that idea out the window then :joy:

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It will be interesting to see if Monzo decide to tackle this in maybe 5 years time. Build out an operations centre outside of London for handling anything that requires this level of physical security.

Perhaps not though, it sounds like Monzo’s direction is to allow others to handle physical security requirements wherever possible while they focus on software and services security. :thinking:

If they do go that route, I volunteer to work there :slight_smile:

Yes it will…

I would hope that mobile wallets will have pretty good adoption by then. So with Monzo able to provide the virtual cards almost instantly, I expect the urgency to create new cards quickly won’t be the main driver.

Having said that, in 5 years the personalisation machines might be good enough to create a custom card for every user…so who knows :slight_smile:

As someone who has seen how quickly a card can be printed. (got a personalised one with a blue horse :joy:) it’s an amazing piece of kit and should be made more accessible. But in the meantime it will be quite likely that monzo will use a third party to print the cards. But it doesn’t mean that it will be much slower. There’s a lot you can do to speed things up and i feel like they will try.

I can confirm debit cards will have names on them, although we will keep a stock of ‘nameless’ cards which we’ll reserve for people who require super fast deliveries :rocket:

Moving from the pre-paid scheme will be a great opportunity for us to iron out a lot of acceptance issues, it would be a shame if these were replaced with similar issues down relating to nameless cards ( merchants like car hire companies for example don’t accept cards without a name)

Also, we want them to look and feel like ‘proper’ bank cards, which i think a lot of people will expect!


Thanks for the confirmation @Naji! I think with the name they will look pukka :eyes:! How about sort codes and account numbers?


Would I be able to request one specifically without a name? Not just because I want speedy delivery.


There won’t be sort codes or accounts numbers on the cards, there are a few reasons for this but ultimately it’s an unnecessary security vulnerability if cards are lost or stolen.

That shouldn’t be a problem :slightly_smiling_face:


Naji, could you elaborate on the ‘reasons’ behind not including sort codes or account numbers on the cards? Are there any limitations in not including these?


The main reason isn’t security actually. A debit card is really just a physical token that points to an account, and in future the association between the card an account might be temporal. For example, when we support multiple accounts/money pots, it might be possible to temporarily switch your card from your current account to your savings account so you can make a large purchase without needing to move money around first. :slight_smile:


Hi all :slight_smile:

I have just requested my card from the apps (33K people before me). I am going on holidays on the 9th of September. Do you think I will receive it on time ?

Also I have heard that if I top up £100 in advance on my card, I can receive it earlier ? however I did not find where to do it from the apps.

I am planning to share this card with my boyfriend, can we transfer money from our 2 accounts ?

Thanks for your future anwers :slight_smile:

You have to top up £100 in order to get the card at all so that’s not a means of getting through the queue faster unfortunately.

Here’s a Golden Ticket. If you go to the link and enter the same email address you signed up to Monzo with, you will skip the queue.

Once done, you will need to top up £100 and your card should be sent out in the next 1-2 days.

Great ! that is all I needed :slight_smile: thanks

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thanks for your reply. However I have not seen anywhere to top up from the apps ?

That top-up option only appears once you reach the front of the queue (which is why the Golden Tickets, or getting friends to sign up, is the only way to get the card faster).