Funny story, Sue is waiting for Monzo card! - short story how Monzo starts to spread in my company

Ok, so as any other Monzonaut, I might have shared love a bit too much in my workplace. I’ve heard ‘are you on comission’ quite few times… Anyway!

I explained Monzo to guy (A) that give me lifts to works. He travels a bit, so he was immediately interested, but I probably overmarketed, he didn’t sign up immediately.

I explained Monzo to one guy (B) that I meet regularly during breaks in company’s fag zone. He was interested, but didn’t sign up. Day later, he (B) told me that other guy © started spamming Monzo benefits to him during lunch break! B thought it’s suspicious that he was approached about Monzo by 2 people (me and C) in a span of 24h. I didn’t even know that other guy was using Monzo…

Anyway, few days later, guy that gives me lifts (A), told me that he got golden ticket from yet another guy (D), so he signed up. I was like ‘whoooa, D is also on Monzo?!’.

I shared Monzo love with a bunch of other people too, but waiting for their feedback and how the story unfolds. :wink:
My flatmate has Monzo too now (@alexs if you ever wonder where your QR code golden ticket went, now you know! We tested this, it worked! :sweat_smile: ).

We have also lovely sandwich lady, Sue, coming in every day. Sometimes people won’t buy sandwiches from her, because they have no cash in wallet. Solution, Sue got golden ticket from guy D, she’s waiting for her card now. She will get Monzo payments from me, few other people who turned out to be miraculously using Monzo already, and potentially payments from other people.
Sue is - I think - over 40 years old (I dare not to offend her!), but she got on board really quickly. Another proof that age has nothing to do with Monzo being liked or not. We told her about Monzo + guy D gave her ticket on Friday (we have Monday today). She said that probably all would be set on Wednesday… :slight_smile:

Now, for a company that has 100ish employees at the premises, that seems like amazing percentage of Monzo users. We have quite low average age, I’d say we don’t go over avg 35 years old.

I’ll keep you guys updated on this fantastic ‘infect people with Monzo’ soap opera. :smiley:


This is amazing! Made my day😍 Keep us updated!

D requested to be called ‘Mr Golden Ticket’ from now on in this thread.:smile:
Sue got her card today and we’re testing tomorrow. :wink:
B got card too, because Mr Golden Ticket gave him golden ticket.

One guy (E), developer, got really excited about Monzo as soon as I told him there’s API - undocumented but still - available. He (E) signed up, his brother (F) and his SO (G). I asked guy Mr Golden Ticket for 2 golden tickets for E&F, he seems to have unlimited supply, very handy.

Mr Golden Ticket said that H and ‘I’ also have Monzo, I didn’t know about them. I vote Mr Golden Ticket for free Monzo mug. :smiley:

Infection is proceeding nicely. It’s quite easy, population completely unprepared.


That’s fantastic! I maniged to hook my team in a previous company when I got monzo and they loved it! Now my SO, sister, my mom (nearly 50 and loving Monzo!), and a few good mates are all infected with the awesomeness that is Monzo. It’s fantastic when we need to split bills, send each other money and so on. I reckon I have managed to get about 10 to sign up so far and they keep spreading the love to their mates. Two of my sister’s mates recently signed up too :smile:.

Got a nice buzz when I was shopping in Waitrose the other day and the guy at the cashier looked at me and my Monzo card that I was paying with and started talking about how much he’s loving it too! Love the community :slight_smile:


I was particularly loving the sandwich lady element of this story. In a previous workplace we had the same situation and the poor guy got half of the business he would have gotten if he’d just been able to accept cards.

This is amazing! Keep on being awesome :raised_hands:


Today I officially rolled out payments to Sandwich Lady :slight_smile: She is really on board and repeated multiple times how simple and quick everything was. Monzo is simply awesome, no questions about that.

I have a weird feeling that Monzo might be researched a bit in my company for next few days… Not only force is really strong with us, but I sent an email around explaining payments for sandwiches. Actual text, no marketing fluff involved, took 4 lines - go to page, fill in the amount, press send, provide card details&finish payment. Really awesome. :smiley:


I apologise upfront if my photos makes anyone salivating…:yum:

Picture below should explain why integration between Sandwich Lady and Monzo was really important. Inability to purchase sandwiches like THIS when you forgot to withdraw cash from ATM really could bring you down.

(Grated cheese, bacon, thinly sliced red pepper, spring onions, mayo and lettuce on home baked bread)

  1. This is a great story
  2. Now im really hungry and must go get lunch

Where is this? Because I want to sample one of those sandwiches.

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You better of not knowing exact location, but it’s somewhere between Crawley and Brighton.

Those sandwiches are the reason why I don’t prepare lunch myself, even though it would be cheaper… I don’t wish such dreadful situation upon anyone. Please don’t think that I want to keep them all to myself, I’m only trying to prevent disaster!:smirk:

Sue also sells lamb or vegetable samosas, pastas (in microwaveable bags), rice+sauses, salads, freshly baked baguettes. Home made granola bars, carmel thingies, sometimes cupcakes and sausage rolls. We had few food vans coming over, Forfars and similar, they stopped now as they had 0 business.

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Morale could really hit the deck without one of these in your life each and every lunchtime. The homemade bread is a touch of pure class :ok_hand:

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I’m sorry, did someone say HOME MADE BREAD :scream:

This is Epic.

I think you’ve found the next Monzo meet outside of London.