Fundamental changes to account access (open banking)?

I use YNAB extensively and Barclaycard is one of the few UK bank/credit services that can be connected to auto-update in-service (using TrueLayer?). In the last 5 days, I have seen a connection error with my 2 Barclaycard accounts;
To rectify, I need to enter my registered banking name to re-connect, which it does for 24 hours and then fails again. Repeat.

We also know that Monzo had problems with Amex - resulting in the release of Barclaycard access first.
And we know Emma (the app) had issues with Amex, which resulted in a change from using TrueLayer to using SaltEdge.

Something fundamental is being changed or has changed. API’s? Open Banking connections?

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From what I know, TrueLayer are fixing a fair few bugs at the moment and making some of the flows more robust.

I guess it’s possible that they are making some big accommodating changes as well but I’ve not heard anything about that.


Barclaycard have just added an extra field to login (your last name).

Truelayer updated their system pretty quick but connections need to be remade to collect this extra data.

Pretty sure ynab use some US centric provider (it’s been a few years since I last looked) so I don’t know how speedy they’ll be in sorting that out.

(Edit) found who they use: Finicity, MX, and Quovo

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Having not logged into the Barclaycard accounts directly for a few weeks, this makes sense. It also explains why YNAB is not auto-connecting and asks only for the surname when a manual connection is attempted.

I’ll pursue with YNAB - thanks for the tip & info.

I got an email from Money Dashboard to say my Barclaycard account needed ‘reconnected’. Presumably as a result of the changes mentioned here.