Auto-Top Up


I would find an auto-top up facility using direct debit, similar to Oyster Card and others

The way it would work is that the Monzo Account holder would set a minimum balance on their Monzo Account and a fixed top-up amount. When the Monzo balance falls below the set minimum balance the Direct Debit would then draw the fixed top-up amount from the Monzo Account Holder’s other Bank Account. The same procedure could be achieved using a Debit Card.


Would you not consider paying your salary in, and then having it withdraw automatically from a pot to the main balance if it goes below a threshold?

Much easier to manage the salary and all your money in the one app :+1:

(Peter Roberts) #3

How would the money be drawn from another bank account on demand by Monzo?


Direct Debit or Debit Card as I said


I might consider it but I do not want to which is why I suggested a process that I have encountered elsewhere.

(Peter Roberts) #6

Doh, I missed that. The problem with direct debit is that it will be effectively upto 5 working days before Monzo can be sure the transfer has actually gone through okay

(Daniel White) #7

As Monzo are currently looking at charging for debit card top ups and really pushing towards using faster payments to ‘top-up’ I wouldnt expect this to be something they’d be looking to do.


Love this idea and would really appreciate it.
I’m freelance so don’t have a fixed salary and use Monzo as my personal account.

Having a notification of when your account goes beneath a certain amount (that you could set?) would be a great start to this process.