Maybe some way of setting up auto top up?

I really like the idea of having a way of setting up a direct debit from some other traditional bank account into Monzo when your Monzo balance dips under an amount you’ve set. I love Monzo but it’s not complete enough to fully migrate away from traditional banks and this is a good way of bridging the gap, I believe.

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It would have to be a card payment though as it would have to be done from Monzos end…

Failing that, just set up a standing order? :slight_smile:

I am lost… If this would be a good way to bridge the gap, to move away from traditional banks… Then if they did implement it, you wouldn’t have a traditional bank account to top up from…


I think you could work out a budget per month/ week and set up a standing order, then move whatever savings from the week/ at the end of the month into a pot or back into your legacy account.

I would like to be able to set a threshold of say £40 when the account then automicaly tops up again with a set value

I can use Monzo as a payment card and not worry about the elusive overdraft. This can be provided by my main legacy bank

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Simon mentioned one solution to this here :point_up_2:

That would be a very smart solution