Full Monzo - Salary

Went full Monzo this month and have had my first salary payment into my account. Do people tend to move the salary out of the main account and put into pots as to then move it back in as and when they need it?

Keen to know how people have used the “Full Monzo” experience to get the most o

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I personally just leave my salary in main account and then on the morning I get paid I transfer whatever is left over in to my pots as needed


I tend to move most of it out to different pots - I have one of the Investec pots set up with money in it which I pay into - this gets locked for 2 weeks (just incase I need it).

I then move a chunk out to stop me spending it (locking it for 1 week).

I leave the money “on my card” for bills and the first week of spending. :slight_smile:

I just leave my pot there filling up in the background.

I tend to split my salary into a few pots on payday, one for rent, one per credit card and a couple of others for subscriptions.

The money from these is then moved back into the main balance as needed to pay for each of those things.

This then keeps my main balance as my spending money, which I use for groceries and general day to day spending.

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I leave it in the main account until all my bills have come out. No more than a week. Then divide it up into various pots.

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Don’t really use pots.
I just leave it build up then when I have an excess in there I transfer it to an external savings account.

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I split it out into pots so my main balance I know I’m free to spend.


How you finding the committed spending pot? :eyes:

I love it, but we may be totally scrapping it so a dedicated team can work on a better solution from scratch that we can release to everyone.

This iteration is super rough around the edges.


What’s the committed spending pot? I’m not sure I have this feature!

It’s for staff only, that’s how rough the edges are.


You can read a bunch about the committed spending pot here:


It’s a super cool idea in theory :sunglasses: wish there was a way to try it out :yum: but I’ll trust that it’s so rough that this is out of the question :sweat_smile:

I don’t mind rough around the edges if you want some user feedback :eyes:

Wonder what better solution they come up with… Interesting!

It’s definitely something we’re excited to bring to everyone, but there are so many things to consider. This only does DDs but there’s a bit more to committed spending. :eyes:

It’s a heavily requested feature for sure.


My salary goes in and straight away I send all my bills to mine and my wife’s joint account.

I then split the rest through Pots. I have Groceries (as I do the weekly food shop), transport, sports and leisure and then savings pots for birthdays, Christmas and holidays.

Anything that is left stays on the main page as that is my monthly budget for the month. Generally about £80-£100 a month.

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I move a chunk over into my interest pot as savings, and then have a seperate pot for monthly savings / roundup (or an emergency fund)

The summary screen shows what you have left after committed spending, so I use that as my ‘balance’

I put rent and grocery money into our joint account and travel money into a Travel pot (which automatically reimburses any travel spending via IFTTT). I have a pot for weekly spending money, which automatically transfers me £50 every Monday. Then I have £100 in an ‘overdraft’ pot which I borrow from towards the end of the month if I need it. Anything left over either goes in yet another pot for ‘Extras’, or just goes straight into extra repayments on my Monzo loan.

Sometimes I might make an extra pot if I’ve got something else I know I need to set money aside for. This month, for example, I know I’m going to need to pay for some flights to a friend’s wedding, so I’ve tucked that money away in a new pot.

Transferring myself £50 every Monday does mean that the Summary page almost always thinks I’m about to run out of money. I actually wish there was a way to turn off the red/orange/green colour coding and the warnings on that page, since they don’t apply to me the way I use it, but I’ve just learned to ignore them! I like knowing that there’ll always be £50 coming in on a Monday, so I don’t have to constantly do maths in my head to figure out how much is left for the month.


I leave in my account what I know is going out within the next few days, automatically move out 200 to my ‘groceries’ pot (I budget 50 a week, but usually spend much less), and the rest I put into a ‘remainder’ pot which I transfer in as I need it.