Does it work with Only monzo bank account in UK?

Hi I’m going to Uk for studying and working holiday soon.
This means I haven’t got any bank account in UK.
Can I only have Monzo bank account in UK?
Can I request to my employee that salary paid into Monzo account? Is it strange?
I don’t really know the culture so please teach me ,thank you.


Having just a monzo account is all you need ,

You can get your salary paid in, and as it’s a full UK bank account, you can have Direct debits and standing orders etc.


Most employers will pay directly into a bank account. There are many to choose from but monzo is probably easiest to open

This blog might help you


Thank you
Has it an account number (8 digits, e.g. 12345678), a sort code (6 digits, e.g. 12-34-56) and a UK branch address?

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Yes, it has all of those.

Edit: no branch address, you just use the main bank address if you ever need it.


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