Fuel pump billing (and refunding)


I recently noticed a difference with the Current and Prepaid.

Overseas fuel pumps bill 125 Euros and the refund the shortfall, with my prepaid that refund is instant, giving me a clear idea of my balance, money on card, etc etc… It has 2 entries, the debit and smaller credit.

On the current account the 125 debit is shown but the credit isnt… It does seem to get properly reconciled later, the amount drops down to the correct charge at some point I dont notice. But then I dont know my proper balance.

All this then comes back to my often repeated point that I have no ongoing reference point of a balance for each transaction… So I cant detect what it was before or after the transaction, or if the balance I see now (125 taken credit not there) is really my accurate balance or not.

While messier, I preffered the debit and credit as at least it was truly accurate.

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Are you using same fuel pumps? Because I have experienced both behaviours on both cards. I presume it’s just the way transactions are presented to monzo.

If the pump actually charges you and then refunds you, you will see this in app automatically. If the pump authorises the high amount but then just presents the actual, lower cost. How can monzo know until they receive the presentment? In that case, I’m not sure they can do much. Would still be great to get a notification when transaction settles for a different amount.

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That’s not a difference between the prepaid and the CA. They should both be presenting the data the same way. It sounds more like a bug! Has this happened consistently or just once?


Strange… It ALWAYS happened the first way with the prepaid… It has ALWAYS happened the second with the new current…

All I can say is it isnt the largest data set… I probably had 5 - 10 fills on the prepaid and now 3 or 4 on the new one.

I can go to a pump I know did it the old way with the prepaid… And test… I cant remember if I have used the same pumps on both cards for a true check.

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