From the department of thinly disguised self interest

We should all have compulsory eye tests every ten years…

…say the people who do eye tests!


I see this as a good thing.

I’m not an optometrist but regular eye tests should be a thing. For my job I have to have eye tests at least once a year.

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There may be some self interest. But as someone who wears glasses and therefore has regular sight tests I can say that you don’t always notice the gentle reduction in distance vision.

I think it world be a good thing to be honest.

Is 10 years maybe a little too long?
My aviation Class 2 medical expires every 5 years at my young age and 1-2 when you get older. Eyesight is one of the things tested.

Tell me about it! I had a class 1… ECG every year, then every 6 months.


For me, 10 years would be far too long. But I wouldn’t care to venture an overarching opinion, I’ll leave that to the experts.