Getting cholesterol checked

Haven’t had one in years and high cholesterol runs in the family so important for me to get it checked
When you get it Do you get a two digit result? Last time it was like 5.8 however reading on the internet some tests don’t do it like this and they give you the hdr and ldl separately which is confusing

Ask your GP. If you need to get it checked then they can do it and explain the results

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Ok thanks
I have regular blood tests for my antipsychotics and can request an extra one for cholesterol

Just got confused with what I read on google

Sometimes you can be given a total cholesterol to HDL ratio figure. This is probably a better measure of heart disease risk, rather than looking at either total cholesterol/LDL cholesterol levels on their own.

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Yeah they can totally add that on for you. Just ask next time you need to get that done. We add on bloods all the time when people are in for other things (if there’s a clinical reason to do so). Some results with split the good cholesterol from bad which is why you have 2 readings. If the doctor is concerned about your result they’ll suggest diet changes or possibly medication if it’s very high

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Great thanks I heard you can get it done at pharmacists, however I’ll just get it done when I have my next monthly blood tests

So last time the number was about 5.8 and I know healthy is between 4 and 6

What does that figure actually represent ?

It represents healthy. Don’t worry about it. Chat to your GP about it next time you’re in and make sure they are aware of your family history.


That’s above my pay grade :grin:

but this might be helpful

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Thanks yeah I’ve checked that out . I’ll say to my GP when they have the results “ last time it was about 5.8, what is it now “

Anyway thanks guys I’ll leave it with me Gp then

Are GP back open yet due to COVID ? Or would I probably have to call up to get the result

Our GPs are phone appointments. If you phone the receptionists they can sort it for you and the gp will call if they need to talk to you.

You’ll need to phone them before you get your bloods done next to request the cholesterol is added on

Try to identify authorative sources and read those, instead of some random blog. Somtimes its quite hard to identify what’s authorative but medical information is an area where it’s really easy. Use websites of national or international medical organisations such as the NHS. e.g. the link above from @Rat_au_van


We can do it on the day , last time I politely asked if they could do cholesterol too and they use a separate tube and send it off

Thanks for all your info

Cool. I deal with 5 GP practices and 3 would be fine adding it, I just need to tell the receptionists that we are doing it, but the other 2 I’d have to speak the the patients GP which is a faff

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A suitable alternative to NHS website.

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Total Cholesterol should be below 5
I look for all my patients to be below this number.
Get it checked and watch your diet.
Your GP/Nurse will give you lots of advice.
Good luck

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Thanks that’s useful info :grinning:

It’s on its way down. After 3 years of being in hospital eating junk it was like 6.4. About 18 months ago it was about 5.9 or thereabouts

I rarely eat pork and red meat. Do loads of cardio in the last 4 months and I’ve lost 16kg since coming out of hospital


Well done you
Keep it up :slight_smile:

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I’m diabetic so talk to my GPs a lot (and get my bloods done a lot too, not quite monthly, but more than I enjoy). I spoke to mine on the phone in April, they are only doing phone appointments but if you need a blood test you can go in, that’s all they’re letting people in for. Given shops are starting to reopen, your GP will likely start letting some people come in soon if they haven’t already.

Not strictly true. There are a variety of reasons GP practices are seeing patients face to face.
Yes nothing like normal but some things have to be done face to face.

Yes they’ve been seeing patients face to face if they have to since the beginning of lockdown. There’s a definite increase in numbers now but it’s still low. And it’s worth checking with the practice if you can just turn up for bloods or if you need to book an appointment (our trust is strictly appointment only)