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I don’t think this topic is spelt out from what I’ve briefly read. It’s always worth keeping up your national insurance payments. If this is not possible lost time can easily be bought back in a manageable way as far as I am aware. It’s a cost effective and simple way of saving to shield yourself against otherwise unexpected major financial future failure. It’s as secure (or possibly more so?) as any financial product “out there”. State pension entitlement can be frozen and gains about 6% annually if there is no immediate need to claim it. This is a good rate these days. However the rules may change like everything else financial! The NI people have a phone line and have always been very helpful in answering my queries.

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Hi Sarah

I guess you’re referring to situations when you’re not in employment or on benefits?


Yes that may be one situation but I’m not an expert on the subject. No 2 people are in exactly the same financial circumstances. I posted because I know that not everyone is aware of their own situation. Staff are helpful on the phone line if you have more specific individual queries. It’s an 03 number and there may be a long wait for a reply! Need own NI number for security purposes to connect with them

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If you register for HMRC at , you can view your National Insurance Record online and whether you can contribute to missed years (as well as PAYE information or State Pension Forecast). The 4 years I missed I was a student.

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You’ve just given away your DOB in case you don’t realise


I’m happy people know I’m 32. I won’t get any younger! My actual DOB isn’t listed, that’s the last tax year before I can claim a pension.

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Useful info, Kevyn.