Confirmation of Payee (CoP)

Just a quick question for when CoP (confirmation of payee) comes in;

Currently if I share my account details my name is as shown on forum;
Daz Fisher
However my card has my legal name Darren.
So my question is if I currently share my account details with Daz, will this still be accepted as CoP ?

I shouldn’t think it matters what is on your card - what is the name on the account? I imagine your legal name as is on your ID?

I think how it will work is that the person sending to you will see a prompt to say it doesn’t match, but if they have used your surname it will show them is this person “Darren Fisher”? if so proceed. It has to be excellent match for yes, a very close match to reveal their actual name to check, else it’s a nope the details don’t match and contact the person you are paying.

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