Freezing Contactless Transactions

Hello All! With the Monzo cards I’m able to switch off all Contactless transactions? I wondered what happens to those that are offline, or are all Contactless transaction forced online?

I’m just wondering if I try and use my Card in a car parking terminal with no pin pan… will be card work as I don’t think the transaction can go online?


I’m not 100% sure I fully understand what you are asking, but I’ve used Monzo prepaid and CA cards on car park contactless terminals with no problem.

They are asking the impact of freezing contactless transactions on the card when lower value transactions and transactions at certain places like car parks do not go online to check

Thanks, that helps.

I just wondered if freezing your card stops all transactions really, the car park terminal was just an example.

So if I lose my Card - and I freeze it, will that stop all transactions, even offline ones?

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That’s exactly right.

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Obviously it will not however Monzo will refund any fraudulent transactions so you don’t have to worry!

Monzo prefers online, but I believe it’s been hinted the current account allows offline when necessary (never seen it in action, though, as almost all terminals can go online these days). Prepaid was online-only.

Monzo is configured to go online where possible, so even low value will go online if possible (just like all Visa cards will by the end of the year).

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