Freezing Card Options

Lloyds bank allowes their users to freeze certain or all banking options on their cards and not just freeze the entire card which would be useful to a lot of people. I would love to see this idea moved over to Monzo too.

A majority of people will say this idea is not important or whatever and fair enough to you. But this is a suggestion I’m wanting to give to Monzo and hopefully be considered.

Should Monzo implement something like Lloyds has Monzo should also add an option to ‘Freeze all banking options’ which basically means freeze your entire card just like you can do now if you prefer that instead of just freezing parts of your card.

I really like the approach Lloyds Bank have taken with this. Starling offer similar granular control but I much prefer the Lloyds setup.

I’d love Monzo to offer these options as it allows the customer to decide what is best for them. They’ve made a fantastic start with the contactless limits controls (in labs) but I hope they can keep going and give us more control.

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Absolutely, I just recently opened a Lloyds bank account as a secondary account and was extremely impressed with their options when it came to freezing your card.

Hoping Monzo recognises this and considers the idea.

There’s an existing ideas thread on this


Yes let’s make every bank account the same. In no way was Monzo created to offer something different from all the other bank accounts which are the same.

Actually, Monzo was created to make banking work for everyone. Meaning using a lot of good ideas people would prefer to see on Monzo to make it work for them too.

The reason why Monzo is the way it is today is because people suggested ideas for it. Especially ideas from other banks.