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I had my card compromised last week, with some dodgy transactions in Canada, and am going through the process to sort that out. The money was refunded and new card sent out very promptly, so no complaints there, but I’m afraid that in other respects the process falls far short of what I would expect from Monzo.

You need me to provide some information in order to begin the chargeback process, which is obviously fair enough, but the Google form and process for doing so are incredibly clunky.

First, there were five fraudulent transactions, and it could of course easily have been more. I had to provide a lot of the same information separately, five times. This is tedious. And, of course, re-entering information repeatedly means that it’s quite likely that typographic mistakes will creep in.

Second, you emailed me information to enter into the form, when it would be much simpler for everyone for you to pre-populate the form with the information that you already hold for those transactions. And as it happens, all five were with the same merchant, so even if for some reason I have to enter the merchant name and location that you already know, I certainly shouldn’t have to do it five times.

Third, I had some simple questions that should get asked every time this happens, so it’s surprising that you don’t answer them for me in advance. Should I be using my old or new card number on the form? Should I be using the date and time of the original transaction that was reversed or the new transaction the merchant re-submitted? I should not have had to ask those questions to your support team, as the form should have been clearer about what it wanted (or in fact pre-populated, since all of that is information you already had).

Fourth, the form uses US date format rather than UK, and you’re going to get a lot of wrong dates entered for transactions that happen to occur in the first 12 days of the month.

Fifth, the initial transactions that were reversed were for slightly different sterling amounts than the second set of transactions, presumably due to movement in exchange rates. Your support told me to use the dates and times from the first set of transactions but the amounts from the second set, which still seems wrong to me. This should certainly be something else that you address automatically with everyone rather than making them query it individually with support.

Finally, re-entering the details from the app into your forms was not helped by the habit the app has developed recently of logging me out frequently and requiring me to re-authorise it.

What you should be doing is sending me a form with all the personal and transaction details that you already know filled in, and just asking me if the card is still in my possession, the reason for the dispute (with details if needed) and my signature and date of signature, which should be the only things you actually need me to provide at this stage of the process.

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That sounds like some excellent feedback & suggestions to me.

Just to let you know, this issue

is about to be fixed -

Also, there’s obviously room for improvement but (having done this too) I’d much rather be able to complete the Google form, rather than a paper version.

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Thanks for this feedback, that’s really helpful.

On the prepaid card we don’t have full control of the chargeback process so we are limited in some respects with what we can do. There are definitely some things here that are in our control though so I’ll pass this feedback along to the team.

Once we roll out the current account I’ll be looking at how we can further improve this process and hopefully the majority of chargebacks will be able to be handled through the app.

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