Remove Fraud from Feed

I understand Monzo wants to feed to be as transparent as possible showing information other banks do not, however I feel that fraud should be removed from the feed once it is reversed.

Without knowing the circumstances it’s difficult to comment. But my understand was that the feed is a representation of the underlying ledger. And, if you’ve been defrauded by then refunded then it’s an accurate representation to show that money came out and was then refunded. Legally speaking, the transactions did take place - even if they were unauthorised. So hiding them would be to misrepresent the underlying (accurate) data?

(I’m not suggesting this is necessarily my position on the matter, but I think it has some logic to it).


I would say that’s a book keeping requirement to not hide transactions.

Edit: what @Peter_G said :point_up_2:


Every bank I have ever had purges fraudulent transactions. I should also not have fraudulent transactions mess up my statistics such as the average spend at XYZ merchant, let alone merchants I’ve never been to.

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That’s a very different request to removing them from the feed.


Yes… but the main point is they should disappear. monzo is the only bank I have had that maintains fraudulent transactions.

How often do you get fraudulent transactions?

I’ve not had a single one, ever

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I have had it at least once with every bank/card

No they definitely shouldn’t.

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May I ask why? I’ve never had a bank account that keeps them. Monzo is the only one. What would be a good reason to keep it and make it look like any other refunded / returned transaction

I would vote no, I want an accurate representation on how much was in my account at each minute,

Edge cases - you wanted to explain why you went into overdraft etc


But with fraud the money is never going to cause overdraft…

I’d vote no also. Can’t see any advantages of this.

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I will say Monzo’s whole approach to fraud is bad. With every other account I have had the transactions are purged instantly. Mozo takes days to give me my money back. They also do not seem to be very good at detecting or preventing fraud. Most times I have had fraud the bank alerts me, and sends out a new card

What has any of that got to do with hiding a reversed fraud transaction?

You’d be very wrong then, I can counter that with many examples…

Like this British Airways breach? Can’t say I’ve ever seen a bank be this proactive.

Not quite. I have gotten calls from my bank asking if I am trying to make a particular purchase which they have declined as suspicious. If it is not me to cancel the card and send me a new one.

They need to rethink their approach to fraud overall including the theme of this feedback

I hope Monzo don’t randomly call me to verify a transaction. It’s not very secure :wink:

They occasionally have feed items linked to payments that you need to approve, asking if it was you.

For card present transactions??