Found a debit card, what to do?

I came across someone’s debit card the other day. I have a feeling I walked past who’s it was a few mins earlier. Not knowing where they had gone I took it home to cut it up and dispose of it.

What would you say should be done in this situation?

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If you can hand it in to a branch then do so otherwise cut it up and bin it

Return it to the nearest branch if you can. I’m fairly sure that’s what it says to do on the back.

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Call the number on it and report it as lost, then throw it away.


Am I right I’m thinking that you can just pop them in a post box and they’ll be sent on to the issuer?

Return it to the bank if it’s legacy.

I’d be curious if this actually worked…

I’d be curious how much it was used until it was cancelled :grin:


If I was near a branch at the time and wouldn’t have been going out of my way to hand it in I would have.
My thinking was that the user will just realise it’s missing and call their bank for a replacement card anyway so what benifit does me calling the bank have?
The bank was HSBC.

For clarification I didn’t try to use it :sweat_smile:.

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First Direct once called me to inform me a member of the public had found my bank card and First Direct had cancelled it and issued me a new card. I wasn’t aware that the card was lost at the time. Calling the bank means they can better inform their customers. There is also the very slight possibility someone copied the card details and then left it on the floor (although it would be easier to just take the card) and the owner, as in my case, isn’t aware it is missing.


Didn’t banks used to give a reward if you handed in a found card to a branch?

No idea cool if they do!

True although I feel a lot of people are told not to trust calls from their bank. Although they can prove the calls genuine off the fact your card isn’t with you.

Not really. If I’m super bad and have found your card I can google you and find out your number. I can then google the bank’s security questions, call you up, tell you your card has been handed in, then ask you to go through security to get a new one…

Basically, banks (and utilities and…) have trained us to do bad things. Never go through security on an incoming call. Ever!

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Well, First Direct are a telephone bank and the call didn’t ask for any of my details.

In the call they just stated who they were, that my bank card was found on [Insert Lane Name] Lane by a member of the public. That they had cancelled the card as a security measure and also interestingly, as the member of the public didn’t want the hassle of returning the card to me personally. So because of this they had also reissued the card which would be delivered in 3 days etc with the same pin.

The fact I didn’t have the card, I tend to lose things a lot and it was found on the street outside my house made me realise it was genuine :smile:


That’s great to hear - top form First Direct!

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I work in retail and we have a stack of cards left behind in the card machines, occasionally I’ve called up the banks to say that I’ve found it and some just can’t help me because the system wants the cardholders DOB etc to get into the account to block the cards , unbelievable that they can’t still block the card ( he put me on hold a couple of times then came back and unconvincingly told me he had blocked it)

But most banks are really good and I’m off the phone within 2 mins.


For a second I was wishing you were in Seville at the moment and you found the card I just lost :frowning:

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Anyway most legacy banks with online apps let you freeze/block the card. And If you were a legacy bank customer without the app you’d be rushing to the first branch you see to have it cancelled anyway.

I’d just destroy it.

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Definitely call the bank to cancel the card. I could easily lose my card and not notice for ages so it’s just the decent thing to do. Then cut up and go on your way :slight_smile: