Forget your OYSTER at home, USE MONZO instead!

Hey Android Mondonauts have you alredy Linked your MonzoCard to your Transport for London Account, leaving that old blue oyster NFC Card home?

Not yet?

Well … I did it and it was …piece of cake! (My dad would have made it too! :wink:

Follow these veeeery easy steps:

First of all be sure you are reding this post from your Android (not a junkie iPhone! :smiley: )
[EDIT: In order to stop an incredible flame coming up, I felt more appropriate to change the above sentence, as considered “misleading” and somehow offensive by posters here below. My apology…]
First of all be sure you are reding this post from ANY phone: we don’t want to hurt feelings of i-Phone owners, right? :wink:
PS: With "junkie ohone I was joking, OK!?! :smiley: ]

  1. Take your MonzoCard and place it on a flat surface

  2. Open Chrome web browser [Edit: Safari, too] and access your TfL account via the official page

  3. You will see this page: click on the Navigation bar

(missing pic)

4. Select “Contactless” from the Menu

(missing pic)

5. Then go to “My Contactless cards” section (even if you don’t have one yet)

​(missing pic)

6. There you are: if you never registered any card, this is what you should see.

(missing pic)

Click on "Add a contacless …"​

  1. You’ll have to fill this form:

(missing pic)
TRICK: when you click on “Card Number” field you’ll understand why at Step 1.0 I told you to "place the Monzo (or “old” Mondo) card on a flat surface: the web page, instead of manually typing all the data, will propose the “Scan a new card” feature, but you can still decide to type on your own.
You’ll be asked to “Line up your card with the frame” and it will automatically fill your data (excpect for the CVV code, as it’s on the back)
Then scroll down filing the missing data and proceed.

  1. If everything is OK you should notice ​this on your MonzoApp balance page:

(missing pic)

  1. If you double click on “Transport for London” you’ll notice the link with Transport for London (automatically in Category Transport), followed by the trips recap.

(missing pic)
See? I told you it was a piece of cake!
Feel free to share here your experiences and suggestions to make Monzo even more effective in accompanying in you every day life.

Michael Forni
Android App beta tester

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For anybody reading this, I hope you don’t believe the Oyster payment scheme is only available to Android users. It has nothing to do with the phone you use. It’s a transaction purely between Monzo and TFL and the registration process is the same regardless of whether done via your phone, tablet or desktop browser.

I have already messaged @michaelforni regarding the matter.

Sent from my iPhone

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Hi Ben.
Thanks for pointing it out.
First of all I apologise for the missing pics…but I’m pretty sure that the “Droiders” got the point.:sunglasses:

Getting back to the topic, Ben I believe that everybody here knows that Mondo first and Monzo later brings it’s news on iOs first…

I’m sorry if you felt “your Apple biten” but personally I’ve concentrated myself more on how helping my “side” in explaining how to connect Monzo to tfl…

Why don’t you do the same for the “applish side of the moon” :blush:


Because there’s no need. Just as there’s absolutely no need to report on features that are agnostic of device and platform or even in this case the card.

This works with any contactless card and doesn’t care what phone you use or even if you own one at all.

No apologies necessary as no offence taken :laughing: :v:


Hmm - I didnt even know there were TFL accounts!

Is there any benefit to linking your card to a TFL account? I have just been using contactless cards as-is without any linking to an account?

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It’s mostly for your accounting purposes, checking the journey history, paying off charges that fail (before an automatic retry) and managing refunds. Of course, all core travel functionality is available without an account.

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Helpful post, made a lot less helpful by the misleading and confusing implication that this web-based process is only possible on an Android device.

Sent from my [seriously nobody cares what device you or I are using] device. :slight_smile:


Thanks jmap: that was my goal: explaining HOW to register a Monzo card on tfl.
It’s weird I can’t find the word “only” before Android… so can’t see where my post should be misleading…:wink:

PS:I write about Android because I am an app tester…feel free to donthe same about iOS… I’m sure it would be appreciated.


I’ll point out the confusing/misleading part for you:

First of all be sure you are reding this post from your Android

And who said anything about iOS? This process is not specific to any one operating system or browser and could be done on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm OS, PSP, Nintendo 3DS, Sega Dreamcast (never forget)… well you get the point.


Come on Apple users, chill out. There is far too much iOS focused posts (due to Monzo’s initial focus on iPhone) so when a user posts a useful post of benefit to those of us with the second rate version of the Monzo app don’t attack him for it. If you want to post instructions for an iPhone user then do so, or just ignore the post and read others that don’t offend your sensibilities


But the point is the instructions are exactly the same. This process is OS agnostic, the only magic here is Chrome’s automatic parsing of the scanned card image.


Even that can be done on iOS Safari lol


I didn’t know that, and even if that weren’t true you could use Chrome on iOS and the instructions would be the same.


:joy: (That’s all I wanted to put but couldn’t due to not enough characters.)

Sent from my iPhone via my iPad and Mac.

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Well this topic definitely does NOT belong in the Android category of the community, that much should be clear to everyone, despite it being previously categorised there twice.


Not also via Apple Watch and Apple TV :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah balls, forgot them :joy:

I don’t get it… :thinking: is this basically just instructions on how to register your contactless card on TFL or is there something extra because I’m using Monzo? Is there some link that Monzo establishes between my Monzo account and my TFL account?

I’ve had my card registered ever since I got it but I don’t see anything different to registering other contacless cards

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I don’t think there’s anything different at all at the moment, however this card on their roadmap may offer some extra goodness :smiley:

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If you have a national railcard linked to your Oyster for discounts, you still have to use the Oyster card :frowning:

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