Forecasts not working

I have a Bills pot that handles most of my recurring bills and I get paid weekly and sort my salary every Friday.

Yesterday I noticed my bills pot says that I have £9 due to pay from it before Friday, however my main account feed is showing £400 worth of bills tomorrow that are marked as being paid from my bills pot. All of them are regular payments so should be predictable.

There is plenty of cash in the pot to cover the bills so it’s not a major issue but I depend upon these forecasts to manage my account and I’ve never seen such a big discrepancy.

Anyone else seen this kind of thing?

Is this the first time those bills have been paid? I note not. In which case strange. I’ve had it where trends for the first time thinks the payments are due to come out so forecasts them, but when they don’t recalibrates and is fine the month after.

I don’t know if that directly answers your question but hopefully helps


Thanks JIMMWX… Looking in detail the discrepancy looks like it is caused by a whole raft of direct debits that are due on Friday (in the next budget period) according to the scheduled payments tab seem set to be coming out of my account 2 days early on Wednesday.

Strange I’ve never noticed this happening before.


Sorry I can’t say for sure why that is, I imagine it will reset after that date has passed, or for some reason the scheduled payments are coming out early (no bank holidays that I know of so can’t say for sure of course)

I have just had it resolved by Monzo support. The predictions for recurring payments are based on the previous month’s payment date. There was of course a bank holiday on 2nd Jan this year which pushed some of my January payments back and now it is reverting for Feb which pulls them forward again and it just so happens it has pulled them forward from one “budget” period to another.


Cool, it was as I suspected trends mis-forecasting, glad it got solved