Approve every online purchase in app

Hey guys,

I was just thinking it’d be nice to have an option in the app to require approval on every online purchase, with the option of adding an editable message to try and deter impulse and unnecessary purchases

And before anyone says it, yes I know responsibility, discipline and any similar trait are the ideal solution but if you’re rolling your eyes at this post it’s simply not for you


This has been discussed before, albeit in terms of face to face transactions, but the card networks don’t work that way I’m afraid.

Unless 3D Secure is invoked by the retailer, the bank doesn’t have the time to do an app notification and approval sequence with a person in the loop so this is a non-starter I’m afraid unless payment processing changes significantly.


Imagine that one time when you have unreliable signal and you’re trying to buy something urgently but you can’t get the transaction to approve. It’s not a great idea to add unnecessary friction.


Changing the way ‘the system’ works for everyone is not the solution to a problem for a few.

It is healthier to address the reasons for impulse buying, rather than simply put obstacles in the way.


No thanks.

I buy things regularly online, repeat purchases etc. These aren’t impulse buys so how do I exclude them from this blanket approach?

Well, to be fair the OP did suggest an option to have this. But as Monzo has indicated before, you begin putting things in as optional and you end up with an app that does weird things and a crap experience for everyone.

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OK it’s an option. Presumably that’s ON or OFF.

I switch it ON because I want to approve every transaction to stop impulse buys. Then I realise that not every online transaction is an impulse buy so I switch it OFF.

Then I make an impulse buy online.

What now?

Or am I not allowed to respond to a thread just because you said so?


I wonder if this could be an expansion of the “block gambling” option, if the impulse purchases could be attributed to a specific merchant category of course.

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This is getting a bit lively

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Look, I’m genuinely happy for you, that you don’t understand why mindfulness is a good thing and this could be useful; I honestly don’t have the time to explain it to you.

Just be thankful, and have a nice day.

Interesting. I understand mindfulness all too well, and how challenging it would be. Please don’t make presumptions. I am challenging your idea, which you posted in a public forum. I’m sorry you don’t like that but… well you posted in a public forum so… :man_shrugging:


That would work, perhaps a nice hook to custom categories too? If purchase = Amazon… require verification?

I think this level of friction would be useful for sure. Similar to the whole locked pots thinking (but lets not start on that again!). Enough of a barrier to make you pause, but not so much that its a massive inconvenience.

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I just think the idea is a non–starter, and I understand mindfulness. But Mindfulness isn’t just anyone that you ever interact with, and anyone they interact with, checking back to you to make sure you’re OK with every decision. The world just can’t work that way, and anyway, that’s just shirking responsibility.

Monzo has something like 400 milliseconds to approve or reject a transaction. That’s the way the system has to work, or global business would just grind to a halt waiting for you to have a think. People would be better off examining the causes of impulses, and putting into place personal safety valves, like spending from a separate account, for example.


It’s a fair idea (if you can bear option toggles in the app).

It’s not possible.

I don’t think there’s really much else to be said without going all ‘circular’ and ‘closeable’.