Pin specific transactions/ items to top of feed

(Eve) #1

It would be really handy to pin certain transactions or items to the top of the feed eg pending payments, spending reports, loyalty cards. I thought it would be handy when linking Flux after seeing this post and the giveaway

The EAT loyalty card is definitely going to be lost in the transaction list and if I purchase from there regularly I might want it right at the top.

It’s probably been brought up before in some form in other threads e.g. notifications for pending transactions, highlight pending transactions; since things get lost in the transaction list. I think pinning items to your choosing would be the easiest way to prioritise things without forcing everyone to get the changes (flushing all pending transactions to the top etc.).

It would be useful for remembering which transactions you have to split with friends too, if you’re on a night out people wouldn’t want to faff about with links at that time and you might not remember which transactions are which the next day since you could easily end up with loads (many pubs near me don’t require a minimum amount)- pinning the offending transaction to the top would allow you to pick out which ones have to be split.

I’d probably pin Golden tickets and big-ticket items like flights, a transaction I’ve been wrongly charged for, something I’m waiting for a refund; to the top as well. Would this be a feasible feature or would it be unnecessarily complicated? If Monzo introduces more cashback offers/ digital loyalty cards it could be placed on a separate tab I guess, but it would still be nice to see it in the transaction list.

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(Tommy Long) #2

I imagine rather than pinning per se, you might have a filtering facility in the future, so you could filter the feed to things from Flux, Golden Tickets, etc.

With some improved tagging you could then filter by these tags

(Alex Sherwood) #3

I think you’ve pointed out some really key use cases here, which will definitely need to be addressed as more functionality & integrations are added to the app.

Given the fact that there’s limited space in the transaction feed though, especially for some users, there might be other ways to make the items that you’ve mentioned easily accessible…

It looks like the new cards / accounts design would be the perfect place to store a loyalty card (& account data) -

Screenshot from this post.

This is going to be key…I agree that attaching the bill splitting info to a transaction without a way to see a consolidated list of pending payments might not be enough.

Those are now easy to access in the Contacts tab :boom:

Search might be the solution for this or something else…

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(Jolin) #4

Not trying to hijack this thread, but maybe an alternative solution to this issue would be to allow saved searches? I think pinning would quickly clutter up the top of the feed, requiring a lot of scrolling to see recent transactions. And it also muddies the “absolute truth” nature of the feed.

With a set of saved searches, you could easily create ones for “EAT Loyalty”, “Golden Tickets”, “Night Out Repayments”. In the case of the last one, you would need to add a standard note or emoji to each transaction that would be the search term. The advantage of that, though, is that the search can remain, and you just tag and clear transactions as you have nights out/get repaid. Because the search functionality is so good, you could also create time-specific saved searches, like for a weekend away in the UK, so that you can create your own mini-trip report.

(Eve) #5

I thought that earlier since the issue of the pulse graph taking up too much space was brought up before-I was thinking pinned transactions would look something like how Outlook organises your inbox on mobile view:

(you click on the pin to expand it)

It looks like the pulse graph is here to stay, so having saved searches would be a great alternative, + the cards/accounts design looks great, didn’t think of that for storing loyalty cards. I’m sure the Monzo team will better refine the Bill Splitting in the future (like letting us know who has/hasn’t paid, feeding transactions back into categories so it doesn’t look like I’ve just gone and splashed out £100 on a meal, etc.). Just thought pinning transactions to the top to sort out when you’re more coherent/ awake would be useful.

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #6

Hi @evangelskies, awesome post with clearly a lot of consideration put in!

Cards getting lost in the feed is something we’ve been thinking about. Our current work around solution is that whenever you purchase a loyalty item from EAT lets say, the previous loyalty feed item is deleted a new loyalty feed item is added above the transaction. We also keep the name of the loyalty card to be “MerchantX loyalty card” so you can search ‘loyalty’ to find your loyalty cards.

Both pinning and saved searches would be awesome :thumbsup:

(Matty Cusden-Ross) #7

:pray: this looks like an ideal place, great find! :smile: