Flip over amount left and account balance

I was thinking how useful it would be to be able to set the “£xx left for ten days” amount to be the bigger number and the main number when you look at your bank balance. This way, you could focus more on the amount you have left, rather than the amount you have in your account easily. Then underneath that you could write something like ‘actual account balance: £xx’ underneath. Obviously, this would be an optional thing you could turn on or off but I’d love to be able to focus my attention on how much I actually have left rather than how much is in my account. If that makes sense!

Hi Samuel & welcome :wave:

I like the idea on focusing on what you really have left to spend. But because ‘left-to-spend’ is already an optional display, there may be an issue choosing what contributes to show the ‘bigger number’ correctly if left-to-spend isn’t displayed :man_shrugging: