Flex virtual card - use over phone?

Hi, does anyone know if the Flex VC can be used cardholder not present over the phone? Only VCs I have had experience of are corporate ones which are online only. Thanks.

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Looking at the help, the answer seems to be no. And can’t pay by debit card and flex the transaction as it would be declined for the amount, as it would exceed the overdraft limit. I could of course move the funds out of the pot I’ve saved the money in to pay for the items, but then I might as well just… Use the funds I’ve saved.

This is where a physical Flex card would be useful.



Not soon enough to pay the bathroom shop the balance of what I owe! Not a problem but would have been nice to use the 6 month offer.

Feels a bit weird. If it were automated / not embarrassing I’d give it a go and see what happens. Or try with a low value test transaction.

Feels like an odd limitation to have.

One of the reasons for virtual cards I suppose. The HSBC ones my main client uses can’t even be added to Apple/Google Pay. You can even set them to expire after a single use.

Would using Curve not circumvent this? I know I’ve paid over phone with curve.

Latest times I had to pay for home works the vendors sent invoices with payment links to pay online for stuff.

Especially given that over the phone, the merchant usually is typing things into a website themselves.

Unfortunately, in this case it’s a PDQ type terminal.

Is there a technical reason that stops this?

Long number, expiry, cvc… how does the machine know?

I believe it’s a flag at the bank’s end, so when the transaction goes for authorisation it would be declined. Similarly, the HSBC ones used by my client don’t need the one-time code when used online, the bank knows they’re virtual cards which can be issued from a central system to any number of users (whose phone numbers it doesn’t know) and have been preapproved for use by a corporate system administrator.

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