Flex not available for virtual card transactions from pots

After making a virtual card transaction from a pot, it is not possible to change the transaction to a flex transaction. Any eligible card transaction should be transferable to Flex, but this seems to be an exception/bug. Please look into this.
Similar to: Can I use Flex for payments from a virtual card linked to a pot?

Details to reproduce:
Make a payment with a virtual card linked to a pot. Thereafter select the transaction and note that no Flsx options are available.
iOS 15.6.1
iPhone 11
App Version:
4.51.0 #854

Note the lack of Flex options:

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It’s not a bug, it’s intended behaviour. As per the thread you linked to.


You can only flex using the flex virtual card and go back in time from debit card purchases.

Other virtual cards not included in this.


It wasn’t clear from the linked thread that this was intended behaviour. Are you sure that it is intended to work like that? The app suggests that exisiting transactions from the last 2 weeks can be changed to Flex transactions. No mention of virtual card / pot limitations. Seems like an odd limitation, as mentioned in the above referenced thread.

Carlo above works for Monzo and it’s also been stated on here before that it’s intentional.

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You could, for argument’s sake, get a refund then purchase with Flex directly.

You can’t use virtual cards assigned to pots or any other virtual cards except the main flex virtual card, or your physical monzo card to go back in time.

I’m sure someone here will notice the unclear-ish page you’ve referred to and get some clarity on which cards can and cannot be used.

@TheoGibson :eyes: the ‘two ways to flex’ page in the app help section doesn’t make it clear virtual cards can’t be used.

Thanks for clarifying.

Not all virtual card transactions are affected though: Purchases that I make on a virtual card that’s linked to my main account can be changed to Flex transactions later.

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I think by “intentional” it means it’s not a bug, rather than “we’ve thought about it and decided to proactively limit the functionality”.

At least, I hope so.