Flex virtual card number out of range on Sage Pay

Hi Monzo, have been trying to use Flex with a retailer who uses Sage Pay to manage online payments. However, when entering the Flex card number, their system says the number is out of range. Is this a Monzo issue or an issue with the payment system?

Sounds like Sage Pay need to update their BIN ranges (the card prefix, which identifies the card issuer etc)

This appears to be quite common, even with larger companies. I tried to pay my Sainsbury’s Bank credit card (before the DD was set up) using a virtual card (not Flex) and it was rejected for having an invalid number.

I tried using a virtual card(not flex) with zilch and they rejected it saying it was a credit card

Yes, now that you mention it that’s what happened with Sainsbury’s Bank - it said that I couldn’t pay off my credit card with a credit card.

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Ha, that’s fun!

I’ve had the opposite issue where I couldn’t buy currency from Sainsbury’s Bank using my physical card, but I could using a virtual card.

Is the flex card Mastercard credit or Mastercard debit?

You can’t use Flex to pay off a credit card, that’s one of the restrictions on it.

He said he was just using a normal virtual card and not the flex one

So he did, apologies I only spotted the 2nd comment.

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I know, that’s why I pointed out that it wasn’t the Flex virtual card I was using :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry - I see that somebody else has already pointed this out :slight_smile:

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