Flex (or a virtual card) + BACS

I have an invoice that needs to be paid. I would like to pay it using Flex, but I can’t work out how. I think it may be impossible. The invoice needs to be paid over BACS. I have a sort code and an account number.

The three options I’ve been investigating are:

  • Paying using Flex. I have a Flex card, but I can’t see how to make a BACS payment from that card

  • Paying from a Pot. I have a virtual card associated with the Pot but, once again, I don’t think I can make a BACS payment from that card

  • Paying from my main account and transferring the money from the Pot. I know I can do this, but it all feels a bit manual. Surely there’s another way.

Am I missing something here? Can I only make a BACS payment from my main account?



You don’t pay by bacs it’ll be faster payments to their sort code and account number.

You can’t use flex in this manner.

You’re right, it’ll be FP, not BACS. I was just copying the (incorrect) phrasing from the invoice.

Is there a reason why I can’t make an FP payment from Flex or a virtual card?

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It’s not something that’s eligible to flex: Monzo Help - Eligible transactions for Monzo Flex

That’s universal for any credit product I think - i.e. not limited to just Monzo.

They are different systems. To pay by card the organisation you are paying has to accept card payments. We use FP for organisations and people who are either unable or unwilling to accept card payments.

The same way you can’t do it from a barclaycard or other type of card.

The tech isn’t there and it’s not a bank account, it’s a credit facility with a completely different setup.

You could call the company and ask if they take card, but quite unlikely as it probably incurs charges their side to have such facility.

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You can only use flex as a purchase method by buying something online or over the counter using chip+pin or contactless payment. You can also flex transactions paid from your current account if the payments were made by the above methods too. It’s a great feature (especially if you need a paper trail of the purchase as flex doesn’t give you a statement of the merchant’s which is bizarre).

Actually, they fixed that last month, and the statements now do show the merchant name with each transaction.

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