Flex - Round ups from Current Account

Would be good if round ups could work with transactions made via the Flex card but the round up amount be taken from the current account (as it clearly can’t be taken from the Flex account).

I’ve just realised that I miss a lot of the round ups now that I do the majority on my Flex card.

Don’t think this is a duplicate post - sorry if it is

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If the round up was taken from the current account then that’s the opposite of rounding up. Just use your normal card?

but loose S75 and the ability to split the transaction

You’d gain the ability to split the transaction, not lose it.

S75 you’d lose, but how often in your day-to-day spending are you going over £100 on something you want to make sure is covered?

yep forgot you could flex a transaction for a split second :thinking:

Think the issue if you flex a transaction from your CA, is your feed becomes ‘messy’ with an extra feed item.

CA → Flex is 2 entries on the CA plus 1 entry on Flex
Flex 1 entry on Flex and 1 entry on the CA for the roundup.

If >£100 and worried about it = Flex, else current account.

Personally I don’t see the logic in putting my lunch on my Flex card.

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maybe its just how I do it… but I prefer to put everything on credit and pay it off at the end of the month.
I treat Flex as a credit card and pay it off monthly instead of splitting the payments up

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Do you have to pick a Flex option for absolutely every transaction then? What a faff, if so.


Currently, yes.

Couldn’t you be earning some sweet sweet rewards from another card?

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Yeah I do the same. Everything is flexed and I pay it off the following month and also use it like a credit card.

I do… the majority of my spending is on my Amex card then things I can’t put on there, I use the Flex card and then failing that I use the Plutus card.