Spending tracker in Flex

I’ve currently been doing minimum spends on my flex to free up some money to pay off others things. I’m not in a situation where I can start paying off my flex account. From my wage I know what the maximum is I can pay from my flex each month, however it’s hard to tell how much I’m adding each month without going through my payments and working it out manually in excel of something like that. It would be useful if the app can tell you how much you’ve added to your flex within the relevant period (the time between the payment cut offs for each month). Even more useful would be if you could set a maximum spend each month and it can track your spending against that target. Thanks.

Doesn’t it tell you what each month you’ll have to pay back already?

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Yea it tells you how much you’re going to pay back each month but not how much you’ve added to your flex each month.

Isn’t the important factor what you have to pay back and when? £1,000 spent this month might mean £1,000, £333 or £166 or £83 the next month?

Yea of course but the app already does that. I’m just suggesting something else it can tell you so you can track your net flex balance month on month, taking into account how much your paying off each month compared to how much you’re adding to it.

You can filter to Flex only on trends to see what you’re spending just on that account, but it’ll be showing you your pay period rather than the Flex period which may be different. Not sure if that matters to you.

Ah that will work fine for me thanks for pointing that out.