Allow Monzo Flex to take ‘Round up payment’

The quicker way to pay off your Monzo Flex!

In addition to editing your card, you can also be allowed to ‘Round up payments’ to go into flex cards and pots.

I’m not sure this will be possible, same goes for overdrafts where round up doesn’t work if borrowing the money :worried:

Why wouldn’t this work? I think the suggestion is that if you buy something on your debit card, the round up automatically goes to repay Flex instead of a pot.


Can you currently send round-ups to a pot that pays Flex?

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I misread, I glanced as Round up for flex transactions , not to pay flex off :weary:

I guess you’d need to assign which to pay off, or work in age/amount order.

You could do, yes. So in theory you can make this happen (not automatically, just on the monthly cycle).