Flex payments to show up better in normal view

Sorry for the bad wording, I couldn’t think about how to word it.

When paying back flex payments early, it shows up as a ‘Flex’ payment and then in small text, it clarifies what it went towards. When looking at my default account, I would like an option where it would show like using a virtual card instead of a payment ‘to flex’. I just think it would look nicer when looking at a glance.

Also, I have had a look around and it looks like people have flex cards that are a different design if they are plus/premium, I have plus and my card looks like the normal one, did they get rid of the different cards or is this a bug?

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Flex cards were matched to the customers personal card colour ie blue, white etc but that was removed and now everyone has the same Flex colour to match the hot coral card design.

As for payments, it bugs me any repayment goes as a Transfer in Trends which messes everything, I’d rather it matched the relevant category as a repayment, and the initial purchase just disregarded or excluded (as I’ve not actually paid anything for it until repayment stage).

Flex cards are all the same now (dark blue card, coral wave), since the physical card launched. In trial/beta, virtual Flex cards had Plus (‘blue’) and Premium (‘white’) variants of the wave.