Flex payments paid off not appearing in paid off

Hi all I’m new here so please be gentle with me if I’m posting/reporting in the wrong place!

In Flex, my paid off transactions go from my transaction feed but aren’t showing in the paid off section. My last paid off showing is from early June.

I am running IOS16 on iPhone 13.

Thanks in advance for any advice :blush:



Depending on when you paid off the transaction, they may still be in the normal flex feed instead of the “Paid Off” one - but should still be showing as fully paid off in that feed? They’ll move to the Paid Off transaction feed a day or two after the flex has been paid off.

Are you sure you paid them off fully?

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To add to the above, if you paid them off today, it can take around 24 hours to move from your Flex transaction feed to the Paid Off feed.

Hi @paulspace, I can see you’re new to the forum - welcome :wave: - you might want to change your profile so it doesn’t show your email address.


It would be nice to have the option for these to move straight away into the paid-off section. I always find it very satisfying when they move off of the main screen and I can see only what is left. Not entirely sure what the delay in moving them is? @TheoGibson

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Hi all,

Thanks for the replies.

So the last paid off in the paid off file is June 2nd. Since then I have paid off around 15 transactions and they showed with the party emoji and duly left my feed, however they haven’t landed in the paid off feed. The transactions were around 4 weeks ago.



This doesn’t sound right - i’ve asked internally…

It’ll be moved to the paid off tab the next day… I think it’s at midnight - but might be the after 24 hours.

Edit: It’s after 24 hours

Can you try log out and log back into the app - hopefully this will fix it :crossed_fingers:

Hi Theo :wave:

I’ve tried logging out and in again still the same…

If I pull down to refresh the spinning wheel appears but doesn’t stop or go away - this is inclining me to think it is a bug but I’m no expert :roll_eyes: