Automatically pay charges under the minimum on Flex

It would be great when using Monzo Flex if charges under the minimum (£3) were jus automatically paid. As far as I can tell, this is the only option anyway, but at present that involves a lot of tapping and notifications.

I use the Monzo Flex card as standard so have a reasonable amount of transactions which are under the £3 limit and the current work flow is pretty tedious!

I might be misunderstanding this… You’re using your flex card like your normal debit card and you’re frustrated by the amount of taps?

Isn’t the solution to stop using the flex card like a debit card and go back to using your “normal” card and keep flex for payments you actually want to flex?

(sorry if I’ve got this wrong)



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Yep, I’m using my flex card like my usual debit card… I don’t see the issue with that?

Isn’t the solution to stop using the flex card like a debit card and go back to using your “normal” card and keep flex for payments you actually want to flex?

Why should I need to carry and use 2 cards when one should be fine?

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Then expect to have to do lots of manual work into paying off the many transactions :sweat_smile:

I’m sure at some point they’ll tweak payments, but bigger fish to fry

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Hats off to you, as mentioned above, not similar to paying off a credit card each month but each individual transaction having to be paid. :melting_face:

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Each to their own, but considering it’s BNPL+Credit Card in one I would expect to have to pick a plan for £3.

Do you not have money on the debit card, surely I’d just use that because I couldn’t be bothered to pick a £3 pls and then pay it off each time.

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Because you don’t want to faff about with tapping and notifications? Which is more aggravating to you, because that’s how the product is designed.

Surely it’s just a case of changing cards within Pay or equivalent, as Flex is a virtual card anyway, so you’re not actually “carrying” any cards?


Few seconds to change an all, not like it’s a challenge to do this these days.

One is fine. It’s your debit card. If you want to split the payments and only use one card, do it after the fact.

And you can’t “carry” your flex card anyway. Adding it to ApplePay adds no weight.

I wasn’t insinuating that there was. I was simply trying to understand what the issue was :slight_smile:

Now it’s clear that the problem has arisen because you’re using the card in a way it wasn’t intended I think you’ll struggle to get Monzo to change. Unfortunately, I imagine you’re going to be in a very tiny minority who uses their Flex card in this way.

If you only want to carry one card, why don’t you choose your debit card and save yourself all of this hassle. I assume this is what you did prior to Flex being released?

Then you can keep your Flex card in your digital wallet for larger pre-planned purchases which are worth the extra steps needed to choose a payment plan.

Or don’t, it’s entirely up to you :slight_smile: We may find that lots of others feel the same as you and it could get fast-tracked on Monzos list of priorities. You never know!


I agree, seems pointless, also, I just noticed Moohan on your profile… I too am James Moohan! :smiley: small world!

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What happens if you just leave the transaction for 24 hours? It should auto settle, as it’ll select a default payment plan of 12 month etc

It’s not even under £3, but like under £9 as each instalment needs to be £3 minimum. And sometimes one prepares to pay without knowing if it will be over or under £9.

I might just start doing that, i.e. ignore/dismiss the notification and let it auto-settle in 24 hours.

I didn’t realise this would have so much opposition :sweat_smile: Putting aside how Flex was ‘supposed’ to be used or how I use it. Doesn’t it just make sense for small transactions to just ‘auto-settle’ since there’s actually no other option for the user anyway?


I’d argue yes, but it’s such a small use case that they’re probably best focussing time on other things instead to enhance flex for more people.