Flex balance incorrect

I’ve been using my virtual flex card for payments, and noticed that when I get a refund, the balance doesn’t appear to update.

I generally pay for anything on ASOS using flex and then clear the balance when I’ve returned any unwanted items, but the total amount doesn’t stay accurate

Depending on how the merchant does the refund, the money may go into your current account instead of flex account.

You will then need to manually allocate this money to your flex account to part or fully pay off the transaction.

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I don’t think that’s happened in my case. I had a full refund of the balance, and it’s just showing as ‘paid off’ but the amount is still counting towards the overall balance.

I had a notification for the refund, but can’t see in the app where the payment is gone.

I think I’ll stop using the flex virtual card, and instead just chose the option to flex from the main account screen.

Hey @DanKennedy

If you did indeed receive the refund and it correclty was assigned to your Flex plan then it will have paid the plan off in full.

Otherwise it will have been put back into your current account balance, if not and you cant find it anywhere please reach out via the app so we can look further.