Fitbit Pay

I think it’s safe to say that Google will, at the very least, want to rebrand it as Google Pay.

See if you wait long enough it finally happens, just not in the way that people were asking for :rofl:

I know they’ve a few rules to follow so not sure if rebranding to Google Pay is one of them or not.

It would be amazing if Google Pay works! It will mean Amex Pay starts to work too.

Do you think Fitbit pay may be on the cards any time soon. Please don’t make me use my Revolut card.

I think that’s pretty much a 0% chance at this point. I am not sure if it’s ever been publicly stated that it won’t happen but (as far as I’m aware) it’s never been even hinted at that it will.

Very slim chance. They’ve already said that it’s not worth it for them to do.

The topic for voting for this, reading the discussion around it (as well as workarounds) and where Monzo are likely to post any updates is below:

I wouldnt be surprised if Fitbit Pay gets merged with Google Pay at some point in the future


Doubt it. Depends what you mean by soon, though.

I’m not sure if the EU would allow this. I think Google agreed to keep all Fitbit data separate from other Google products data.

I hope they do get merged though.

Since the Samsung pay thread has closed I guess there’s not much demand for other pays now?

Survey says no:

Fitbit Pay is surely living on borrowed time now…

Yeah won’t be long I doubt until it gets closed down in favour of Google Pay