Fitbit Charge 3

Has a full touchscreen, and looks great! As a current Charge 2 HR owner, I might be tempted.


Anyone else liking the look of it?

It’ll also apparently be waterproof/swim-proof which sounds good to me - I get annoyed at taking my Fitbit off when I shower!

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I’m amazed they are still going - I used to love FitBit, but it was replaced by the Apple Watch.

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So I actually wear both a smartwatch (LG Watch Style) and a Fitbit :joy:

I enjoy the sleep tracking feature and the watches don’t feel comfortable for me to wear overnight, plus the battery life isn’t good enough on them - anything with less than a 2-3 day battery life, I’ll charge overnight.

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Ha - I know other people who wear both!

On this point (quoted) - I also don’t wear it overnight (mainly because of the battery, partially because it’s a little less comfortable).


I found my FitBit used to run out of charge, due to how long the battery lasted! I would forget to charge it after 2/3 days, whereas if it gets charged every night, I know I’m good to go!

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This is the one of the reasons I went back to Fitb Bit from trialing an Apple Watch, also battery life!
I find the only thing I miss from the Apple Watch is quick replies on text’s, I didn’t really use Apple Pay on there.

This is tempting, the constant tapping to navigate can be a bit unresponsive at times…

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Do any of you find the text / call notifications drain your Fit Bit battery quicker? I know some users have reported it but mines been fine. It was probably worse with my older phone.

Forgot to mention the fabric bands are an improvement, the current rubber ones although good for sport are a bit chunky. Maybe they will be backwards compatible :slight_smile:

Fabric bands look really cool, but I’d be worried about them retaining bacteria over long periods of time and how well they react to sweat/water. The rubber ones aren’t good for me - I always end up getting a rash from them.


I use this metal one and love it!

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I wear a Charge 2 and I like it. I would go to Apple Watch, but I like having a constant heart rate monitor, not just intervals as per the Apple Watch. Plus, the battery life is just ridiculous and the cost for what it does is way too high.

Apparently it won’t ship with GPS (if that concerns some people).

I recently got a Fitbit Versa. Does the basic smartwatch functionality I need with notifications and then has excellent fitness tracking (heart rate, steps, stairs). Plus Fitbit seems to have the social network for fitness that others lack; I have 7 or 8 friends also using it and can compete on weekly step count. The only one downside is that Fitbit Pay only works with a handful of banks, but I always carry my phone as well when on a run so it’s not really an issue.

I tried my finace’s Apple Watch and found it weird having all those little icons. Sometimes less is more.

As a current charge 2 owner… probably not. The HR tracking isn’t good enough (wear it and a chest strap HR monitor/watch and you’ll see a massive difference)

Would consider the Ionic or Versa if Monzo or RBS were on fitbit pay…

Battery life is the only thing hold me back against buying an apple watch.

I’ve found the Charge 2 and HR chest strap to be really quite close. I normally find there is a difference of 2/3 bpm, however I do find that the Charge will sometimes lose track or suddenly drop/spike bpm but that’s the nature of a wrist HR tracker, its going to move on your wrist especially during exercise. Maybe if the Charge was on a elastic strap instead of a rubber strap that might help.

Maybe, might also depend on the HR strap I guess.

Against a Pulsar FT1 i’ve noticed 20-30bpm out whilst running.

It’s here:

Sure would be nice if Monzo was listed here supporting Fitbit Pay in time for the Charge 3 :wink:

Decent pricing. Doubt I’ll upgrade from the Charge 2 HR that I have right now, but it’s tempting… I wish they’d have a UI overhaul on their app though. I miss the Jawbone app, which I always felt was better.

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I don’t think I’ll ever buy a Fitbit product again. The build quality of the Charge HR was shocking. And the app was pretty awful. Plus you had to do a silly work around so it would sync with Google fit.

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Totally agree the app needs a refresh. My charge 2 HR is decent enough for now. It’s not a must have upgrade.

I’ve already had to have a replacement strap for my current Fitbit. Owned it less that 3 months?

My last one went through 3 replacements as it kept peeling.

I had one full replacement because the strap bubbled and peeled, a strap replacement because it happened again and again because it still happened. I ended up just putting up with the peeling band but a few months later the plastic casing around the screws just crumbled apart. Fitbit refused to replace it again. Instead they offered 20% off a new one. I chucked it in the bin and refuse to buy anything from them.🤷