First time user!

How do I transfer monies as there is no sort code on the Monzo card?

if you go into “account” in app it shows at the top of the display

it is 04-00-04 by the way :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:
What is the app called? I can’t find it from any searches I’ve done…

The Monzo app?

I can’t find any of the literature that can with my card and now I don’t know my acc number. I just assumed it would all be on the card. Help!


Open the Monzo app.

Click the account button. It will be at the top, with your sort code.


I’m so sorry, I had no idea what the term meant. I’ve just looked it up.

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Also the app is what you used to get a monzo card.

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Hello Nicola. Have you got a smartphone with the Monzo app on it? Normally you would have used this app to order your Monzo card, unless someone else did that for you?

If you have the app then you should be able to find the sort code in there. If you don’t have the app then let us know and we can help you with that!