Fireproof safe or box

I would like to buy one for home use. Mainly for small documents (and perhaps a USB thumb drive and a backup phone), so doesn’t need to be particularly big. It’s more the fireproof / fire-resistant aspect that I’m interested in rather than the safe aspect. So will consider either safes or boxes.

I have zero idea about this area, so wondered if any one had any recommendations?
In particular what duration of fire protection is generally considered sufficient for home use?
Any brands that are particularly well-respected?

Would recommend you check out LockPickingLawyer on youtube, If you care about the quality of the lock on the safe


Found this - seems the most important issue for you is how low the safe keeps the internal temperature, depending on what you’re trying to keep safe (phone and USB sticks need lower temps than documents):


Second this. One of the decent folks on YouTube. Brilliant channel, and incredibly informative and educational.


I bought one of these from this site, when I sorted my will at the beginning of lockdown:

I think there’s a 60 minute fire rating model too.

Would recommend, especially as the first one delivered had a defect which meant the lid fell off the first time I opened it, and it wouldn’t close properly. The company replaced immediately and the customer service was excellent.

The lock aspect isn’t particularly theft proof, I think the lock and key is to secure the lid closed in case of fire or flood (in which case, the box floats).

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