A question about sheds

This is, as seems fitting, exactly what it says on the tin.

We’ve recently bought a house and need to get a shed to house our bikes. I’ve done a bit of research and the best I’ve seen so far is this site - https://www.powersheds.com/

We’ve got three bikes to house and some other tools, though the bikes are the primary concern. Ordinarily I’d recoil at the idea of spending £400 on a shed, but given the value of the bikes it’s probably right, as long as it really is worth it.

Does anyone have any experience, recommendations, etc? Thanks.

You get what you pay for when it comes to sheds - my recommendation would be to get a bar you can put over the door, as (at least ours) got broke into easily since we accidentally left the internal light on

You lock the bar on a solid mount point (not the shed itself if possible)

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This is what I’m finding as we’re looking for a large shed too.

I’m starting to not trust any online retailer as I want to see what they’re like in person. I’m finding that sheds that looks good online are too thin/flimsy, aren’t very weather resistant, have poor drainage, locks and so on when you view them in person.

So far these guys are looking good: https://www.gardenbuildingsdirect.co.uk/

Lots of configurable options, such as bases, upgraded floors, types of roofs, drainage and so on.


This article may be useful:

Remembered reading it last month when I was briefly considering a shed before deciding against it.

(I know it’s home office rather than storage, but the retailers they link to I’m sure would offer both kinds)

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Thanks, I’ll definitely check out those links.

We’re confident the access to the back garden is secure but it still pays to be careful.

So were we, but apparently we weren’t sure enough. good luck buying your shed

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Of course, no slight was meant at all.

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If security is your prime concern, have a look at https://www.asgardsss.co.uk/
They have a huge range of properly secure sheds

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This is what I use for our family’s bicycles. Excellent quality.

This is interesting, we’ve recently purchased a house as my boss announced he was closing the office for good and we’d be remote only from now on, as the only person in the company who had nowhere in the house to use as a workspace, i had a bit of a conundrum, we’ve purchased a relatively cheap log cabin summerhouse from the sheds.co.uk mentioned in the article to use as a home office all year round. I plan to insulate it and plasterboard it myself and make it warm enough for the winter :crossed_fingers:t2:

Nervous for it to arrive to see whether i’ve wasted my money or not, interesting to see so many others have done the same


I’m interested to see how your shed turns out. Hopefully it’s a good one :ok_hand:

My current shed is over 30 years old, gets treated with creosote annually and has moved house twice.

The base of it has collapsed so its going to need replacing soon. I’m actually tempted to build one from scratch, rather than spend £1,000+ on a 10ft shed with wonky doors and a sagging roof.

If you get a large shed with a poorly built roof, stud wall CLS stuff is cheap from B&q (a few quid for 1.8m) and works great at stopping roof sag. Run a length under the middle of the roof sections for support.

Great stuff everyone, thanks very much. I’ll report back when we get something in place. Looks like a fairly long lead time whoever we go with. At least it’ll give me time to make sure we get some paving slabs down for a base.

I’ll keep posted of the progress as and when it arrives and when I try to insulate it etc myself. Aim for tomorrow is remove old shed and it’s concrete base, level out the area of the garden, dig the trench for the electrician to lay some pwa for power, might also sneak some cat6 in there as well so i have a solid connection and then lay the plastic eco base.

Something tells me that I won’t get all that done tomorrow :rofl:

I would definitely, especially if you’re still happy with the rest of it

If you do add cat cable, at two or more. Then if you break one you have a spare.

Good idea, might have to do that, thanks!

So we went with a power shed. The main reason for the choice was that we needed space for quite a lot besides bikes (though initially this is now taken up by cat litter and cat biscuits in the same way that the house has mainly been taken over by three cats).

For a novice shed-builder the process of building it was fairly straightforward, though definitely a two person job at some points. The end result is, admittedly, slightly wonky, but it’s solid and weatherproof, so I’m happy with it. We’ll make it more secure by fitting a padlock but there’s definitely a limit to how secure you can make a wooden shed.

The bike in the photo is my partner’s hybrid, it’s since been joined by two other bikes, we didn’t get the whole shed for one bike…


Looks like you’ve gained a shed-load of storage there!

(Good build skills too)

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