Fintech in 2024, predictions

Didn’t see one already, thought it might be interesting. What are peoples predictions for Fintech in 2024?

Mine are:

  • Monzo continues to grow and either expands into Europe or progresses
  • We see a return to the UK market for N26 and Bunq
  • Chase allow customers to return, after launching a credit card
  • We say goodbye to Kroo, Algbra, Sable, Metro Bank
  • Starling remains stable
  • Revolut doesn’t get a licence

And a non-fintech special:

  • FD release budgeting and notifications in Dec 2024
  • Apple Card releases in the US under Chase stewardship

This would be nice.

I would be very surprised.

Absolutely not.

Everything else I think are spot on.

I don’t see them holding their current position forever. The cashback will one day come to an and they’ll let people back.

No idea who Sable are but agree with the rest

I’d like this, but with Chase available I don’t see myself moving elsewhere any time soon.

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To be fair I could see the cashback ending, CC releasing as well as old customers being allowed back. No more free money for people who left and potential CC debt customers.

I don’t think Metrobank is going to go anywhere to be honest. Maybe get snapped up/absorbed but I think still keeping the MB banner.

Revolut agreed - I don’t see them ever getting a license.

I think we might see bigger switch offers from Statking/Monzo potentially as they try to increase their share.

I’m not sure anyone would want them, they don’t really have much to offer. So if they do go under, I think banks taking the custom would be the more likely option.

They’ve never done a switch offer, can’t see why they would in 24 but who knows.

Don’t think I’m reading the forum enough… somehow missed this thread.

As much as I’m satisfied with Chase, I’d ditch em in a nanosecond for the second coming of N26.


There’s going to be a reckoning of smaller fintechs, too many companies with dubious balance sheets, over paying their staff and burning cash for fun


Yep. I can see it being quite a brutal Q2 for a number of them. I think they’ll make it through the first quarter and then either continue or go up the wall.

Got to be this. Its time has come.

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