2024 Fintech Predicitions

2023 has been a very good year for Fintech, we said hello and goodbye to a lot of Fintechs. Both good and bad.

Here are some of my predictions below:

  • Monzo will continue to grow and expand into the European Market
  • Metro Bank will continue but under financial issues
  • Chase will release a Credit Card into the UK (Can’t Wait)
  • Smaller Fintechs such as Algbra & Hyperjar will have to shut down
  • Maybe see a return of N26 into the UK (Really hoping)
  • Revolut will still be without a UK Banking Licence
  • British Airways will restart applications for Avios Debit Mastercard
  • Plutus will shutdown
  • Kroo will continue to expand with new features
  • Other US Banks will expand into the UK Market

Some funny predictions:

  • Curve might actually hire a good customer service team
  • Metro Bank might not take 10 years for a new card
  • Suits Me decide to just go
  • Tally might actually reply to a email
  • Cashplus will stop wanting money from me every 5 minutes

Non-fintech predictions:

  • Co-op Bank will merge with another bank
  • CitiBank will fully retire from the UK
  • More Branches close across the UK
  • Nationwide’s new app will be quite good

Of course all of these are just predictions and take them with a grain of salt, but some of them i can see happening

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