Garmin Pay: When will I be able to buy oat milk with my watch?

Tell you what, let’s see that they are done in alphabetical order :grinning:

Starting with the letter A.


ah… apple pay

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+1 for Garmin pay. Would be great if someone had already done the integration work for all these platforms that everyone could just reuse. That would make integration with all these platforms much easier.


That’s what GPS has done with Apple Pay, unfortunately their service comes with reliability issues & constraints though..

Gamin pay? Wtf. What’s next :man_facepalming:

Badger Pay. Badgers will have NFC chips implanted just under the skin on their necks and customers will be able to conveniently tap their Badger to pay for goods and services.

We can leave our contactless cards and phones at home, just remember to take your Badger with you. :+1:


There’s a revolutionary system I’ve heard of. It’s a plastic card that you give to the retailer or insert or tap on a machine and it takes money from your bank account. You can even put it in a special machine and it gives you actual money. It doesn’t even have a battery to run out, think it’s powered by the tears of angels or something like that.
Best thing is, you don’t look like a complete show off when you use it.

I know, what will those crazy designers come up with next?


I seriously had somebody pay with an iPad once.

I nearly lost my composure :sweat_smile:


Will a hedgehog do…?:flushed:. (I don’t have a badger.)

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You’ll need a PIN.


What a revolutionary idea :bulb: seriously. You are on to something.

After that… McDonald’s pay? :yum:

+1 from me for Garmin Pay - you can beat the other banks to the punch on this one seeing as how only one bank is supported at the moment!


So Danske bank supports Garmin Pay but not Android Pay?
I used to be with Danske bank and Android Pay wasn’t supported.

Hopefully after the ApplePay hurdle then maybe it will be a smoother road to support all the other Pays, Badger included!

To be honest I think Garmin Pay would be an incredibly niche feature used by a very tiny proportion of our user base. It makes it quite difficult to justify the colossal engineering effort it would require to implement.

Never say never, but it’s not on our roadmap right now!


Do these types of payment methods have any overlap in the way they are implemented. I always imagined android pay and Apple pay etc were basically the same tech and software in the background.


Garmin watches are a much more preferable solution than Apple Watch.
I understand that audience is smaller than Apple/Android ones.
But please add this feature, as soon as you can!


This feature should not be “that” difficult.
Have a look here:
5 UK banks, almost all Russian major banks (the country I’m from)

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Wow, it was only one UK bank last week! Thanks for the update!

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I see Starling Bank now support Garmin Pay. I guess it depends on how much effort. There are a lot of Garmin watches out there.