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Genuine question… Why would you need more than one IBAN on an account?

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The Fineco ones are in 4 different currencies.

One IBAN per pot or account so one for your personal use, one for joint expenses, one for business expenses, etc…I’d never use 25 but 3 or 4 would be good

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I might have been a bit premature with my praise of them sorting out the transfer!

They just sent me this email:

Dear ,

with the following email, we would like to ask you further details
on regards of the money transfer of 10.00 GBP. At
the moment the wire transfer is on stall over UnicreditBank.
Specifically, in order to credit the wire transfer on the
beneficiary account, It is necessary for you to reply at the
following email specifying an intermediate bank of the MONZO BANK
LIMITED(MONZGB21XXX) in order to complete the transfer. We suggest
you to contact directly the MONZO BANK LIMITED bank and ask for the
aforementioned information.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration

Any clues?!

I’m a bit stuck on this now. Monzo say that it’s Fineco who are at fault, which I’m sure is correct. However this is an email I just received from Fineco…

Dear ,

with regards to the bank transfer to Monzo bank, if your bank is not
able to provide us their intermediary unfortunately we are not able
to proceed with the payment. We do not have direct contacts with
Monzo bank and inserting the sort code in our database will not
resolve the issue.

We apologize for any inconvenience casued.

I can use my Fineco debit card to transfer to Monzo, but just wondering if anyone can think of a way forward to sort out the transfer issue?


Sadly, this implies that they are sending it from a European/International bank via SWIFT/SEPA (which we aren’t connected to I’m afraid).

If you could get the BIC of the sending bank, we could check?


Yes, having used them then closed the account, they do send money from Italy.

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Ah that’s a shame. There are 2 BICs that seem to be associated with the account: UNCRITMM & FEBIITM1.

Is integration with these systems planned at any point in the future?


Yep, sadly those are both trying to come via SEPA and just won’t work I’m afraid.

They are on the roadmap so hopefully should come sometime this year :slight_smile: (no promises)


No worries, will use card topup in the meantime. Cheers

Sorry to bump this old thread, but aside from the transfer issues discussed above, does anyone have any recent feedback on Fineco?

(I have a euro current account that’s charging me an annual fee, so keen to move elsewhere. Starling was looking like a good bet, but they seem to have gone quiet so looking at alternatives!)

They are OK, if you want a Euro account. I probably wouldn’t recommend them for USD / CHF.

If you want to transfer pounds in your UK account to Euros in your Fineco account, it is slightly cheaper, a saving of about £1 for €500, and a lot quicker, to do it via Revolut.

Last month, I loaded my Revolut with £420 from my Nationwide Select Visa, no charges, and I get cashback, which took about a second. Then converted most of it to €500, which again, took a couple of seconds. Then transferred the Euros to Fineco, which took about 4 hours.

If you transfer £ to your Fineco GBP account, that takes about 4 hours, then another 3 days to convert to €.

The only thing about Revolut is their customer service is a bit :poop:

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Well Fineco to Monzo transfers seem to be working fine now. Fineco are still a bit slow, only sending the transfer the next working day, but it leaves Fineco around 9am and arrives in Monzo about 2 hours later.

I’m a bit intrigued as to what method the transfer arrives. I don’t think it’s Faster Payments, as it doesn’t show the senders sort code/account number, and it can’t be BACS as it arrived within 2 hours of being sent.

Anyone know, just for interest’s sake?