Find out about overdrafts

I don’t want an overdraft (the £20 buffer is fine).

If I did want an overdraft I’d happily go to the effort of locating this option somewhere in the app.

But does it need always be there in the Account screen? I even clicked through, set overdraft amount to £0 hoping that would ‘clear’ this but it’s still there.

Not a biggie just a minor UI annoyance and given how much more space is wasted on the Account screen (on iOS) not really an issue at all. It’s just hacking me off … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you go into settings and turn off lending promotions does it go?

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I think if you ask in the in-app chat, they can turn off that banner for you. I’m almost sure I’ve seen someone on here go through that before.

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Update: Yup - chatted through it and it is now disabled. Looks like there isn’t a user setting so they have to do it for you.

Not a big deal at all but good to know for the future.

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Can you get the £20 buffer without an overdraft?

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Yeah it’s available to everyone.

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Only in certain circumstances. TfL is the one that comes to mind right now. Otherwise the transaction will fail and you have to put more money in and try again.


Re: £20 buffer …
So if, the day before pay day(and yes I’m aware of the BACS pay early feature) I have £5 balance, and go to ATM and draw £20 then my balance would show -£15 ?

Yes. That is the maths.


As I have NOT selected having the overdraft facility I’m happy about this, as occasionally I might miss a small transaction that is due out which would otherwise put me in the red.

You only get the buffer if you have an active overdraft or it’s offline payments

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You only get the buffer if you have the overdraft enabled? Otherwise the transaction would just decline

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This was asked above and received a “yes”

Here’s a quote from Tom.

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And then immediately after that:

I don’t have an overdraft activated and if a transaction would take me into the red (within £20) it hasn’t worked and the transaction declined.

EDIT: this is from the “Help” section in app

I’m confused then, as Tom said everyone would get it, but then help section says not everyone will!

So you technically have a £20 buffer (even with no overdraft activated) but…

This £20 buffer only kicks in at certain times (i.e. offline transactions - TfL) you don’t just have a “free” £20 overdraft (if you haven’t got an overdraft active).

At least that is how I read all of the documentation.

You could get a minimum overdraft (think it is £50) and then you would have the £20 contingency happen all the time (as I understand it) but then would also be able to go into the red red and be charged up to £50 withdrawn