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This post seems to suggest our credit files are checked every month. Hmm.

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I don’t know if Monzo hook into CallCredit (Noddle) every month, but a “search” happens on my Noddle account every month (possibly to run the credit report each month - But I don’t know).


Is that screenshot not showing your searches? (ie when you log into Noddle/Callcredit?).

Erm - Pass?

Wouldn’t it show one from today if that was the case?

As you may be able to tell… My knowledge on this subject is less than stellar :joy:

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The way I’ve interpreted it is that it’s when you request a copy of your report yourself - fair point on it missing today’s though… if you click into the Others’ Searches tab that’s where I can see insurance companies and credit card companies having done their checks. Interestingly enough, I can see data back to April 2017 but Monzo is not one of the requestors…


Yeah, I’ve certainly never “requested” a report - Other than simply logging in.

The “Other’ Searches” section shows the insurance companies/banks etc (with Monzo last showing when I accepted my OD in August).

On a side note - Noddle/CallCredit is the worst report of the lot! But it is the only one Monzo show up on…

Hmm so if Monzo are appearing on your list of Others’ Searches but not mine, that implies they’ve never actually looked at my credit report… Just probably looked and didn’t find it when my addresses were mismatched.

Yeah, I’ve got the initial searches dating back to when I transitioned from the pre paid to the current account, and the recent one in August when I accepted an overdraft (purely to test out how smooth it was :joy: ).

Interestingly, there is still nothing showing for my joint account, so I’m guessing they still aren’t reporting to CRA’s for that (something they said they weren’t doing initially, but would do at a later date).

That’s just you logging in. The company isn’t Monzo there. It would show the company searching if that was the case.


I’m in the exact same position, has there been any update on this? I was in the middle of moving when it initially happened so I’ve been declined ever since because they aren’t actually running a new check :frowning_face:

Still waiting for a response from support! I will post on this thread once I get a definitive answer.

Offt topic but It’s interesting how varied the reports are between people and CRAs, by contrast my TransUnion/Noddle credit report is the most comprehensive and up to date of any of the CRAs, my Exquifax one on the other hand is practically empty!

I’ve never accepted my Monzo OD but I do have a “Quotation search” for Monzo back in February.


It’s this sort of thing that gives the credit reference system a bad name. As you say, either Call Credit or Monzo (or both) has matched you if the search or account is showing on Noddle. It’s an example of the power inequality that this system entails - credit reference companies suck up your data, you can’t object to it or stop it - and you don’t even get the opportunity to apply for the product that is nominally the reason for your data being transferred (sold?).

This system is just not good enough.


Good news! It took a few days, but after speaking to several COps I was able to get a new soft check of my credit report carried out. Once this was completed, I was then offered an overdraft! :tada: For anyone else in a similar position (i.e. an issue with their credit report when overdrafts were first released) then definitely get in touch with Monzo and ask for a new soft check. Hopefully in future, I’d like to see this become a process where a user can request a new check without contacting COps.


I’ve put in a non-urgent request to have mine looked at. I’m more interested in if I can get it done within the 7 days it took you.


47 hours. Get in :fist:

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